A Definitive List of Websites that Accept Bitcoin Payments

You’ve been wondering for quite some time now if Bitcoin is a valuable investment.

You’re not alone.

Many people also wonder what the future holds for this particular cryptocurrency, and if investing in it is a smart decision.

As what you’ll find out from your research, Bitcoin is performing well in the cyptocurrency market.

In fact, more and more companies are investing on Bitcoin.

It is also now being widely used in both online and offline transactions.

Amazon, which is one of the world’s biggest online retailers, now accept Bitcoin payments.

More than 2 billion people now shop at Amazon using this cryptocurrency.

If you’d like to see how well Bitcoin is doing, and if you’re considering using it for your online transactions, here’s a list of all the websites that now accept Bitcoin as payments.

Not included in the list are shady companies that are related to adult content, gambling, guns and illegal products.

Charitable Institutions and Non Profit Foundations

You’ll be surprised to know that it’s not only businesses that accept Bitcoin payments.

Charitable organizations and non-profit foundations now also welcome Bitcoin donations.

These include the following:

  • American Red Cross – Also called The American National Red Cross, American Red Cross is a well-known humanitarian foundation that provides disaster relief and emergency assistance in the United States. It accepts donations through BitPay.
  • Chicago Wish Foundation – This is a wish-granting non-profit foundation based in Chicago, US that grants the wishes of children who suffer from life-threatening diseases.
  • Save the Children – Save the Children is an international charitable organization that seeks to improve the lives of children all over the world by providing better education and health care. It also provides emergency assistance in the event of war and natural disasters.
  • Fight for the Future – This is a non-profit organization that aims to make use of the internet to spread goodwill and help to people who are in need.
  • Omni Nano – This foundation is dedicated to improve the quality of nanotechnology education to high school and college students.
  • Run 2 Rescue – Run 2 Rescue is a Christian organization that assists the victims of sex trafficking in the United States.
  • The Water Project – The main purpose of this project is to provide sources of sustainable water in African communities.
  • The Internet Archive – This is a non-profit digital library where you can get free access to many books, music and movies and more than 340 billion archived web pages.
  • Tunapanda Institute – The vision behind the Tunapanda Institute is to provide extensive business and technology training to low income families in East Africa.

Computer and Gaming

Here, you’ll find a list of online computer shops that sell computers and other tech gadgets as well as gaming sites where you can buy games:

  • BigFishGames – Here, you can buy games that you can use on your PC, Mac or on your mobile device. You can buy these games using your Bitcoin.
  • GameStop – GameStop does not directly accept Bitcoin payments. But you can buy GameStop gift cards using your Bitcoin at eGifter. This online gaming site sells all types of gaming devices—Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox and so on.
  • Microsoft – Microsoft isn’t one to get left behind. It now lets users add Bitcoin to their Microsoft accounts.
  • New Egg – New Egg is an online store where you can buy computers, parts and accessories. It’s one of the first online computer shops that accept Bitcoin.


Dating sites are some of the most widely used websites in the world. If you’re thinking of using one, you can find some that now accept Bitcoin as payment for membership.

Here are two examples:

  • Badoo – Badoo is a social network that focuses on providing dating services. It was founded by Audrey Andreev way back in 2006. Its main headquarters is in Cyprus but it also has offices in the United States, England, Russia and Malta.
  • Dream Lover – Another popular site that fosters virtual relationship is Dream Lover. Like Badoo, you can now make payments on this site using Bitcoin.


Many financial companies also now accept Bitcoin payments.

Here are some of them:

  • Braintree – A company under the management of PayPal, Braintree process online and mobile payments for online companies. It processes all types of payments—credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and digital wallets. You can purchase any of its paid plans using Bitcoin.
  • Intuit – Intuit is a well-known financial software that helps business owners and accountants with financial accounting, tax preparation and other money related tasks.
  • Mint – One of the most widely used budget trackers and financial planners, Mint is designed for both individuals and business owners. It can make financial management a lot easier and less complicated.

Online Retailers

Online, you will find a massive collection of online shops that sell almost everything you can imagine.

In this list, you’ll find the top online retailers around the world that now process Bitcoin payments:

  • Alza – In the Czech Republic, Alza is its biggest and most popular ecommerce shop that serves not only this country but also many other countries in Central Europe. It sells a wide variety of products including electronics, clothes, fashion items, perfume, watches, beauty products, toys, hobby, and entertainment, among many others.
  • BitPlaza – BitPlaza is an online store with a downloadable app where you can shop for products using your Bitcoin.
  • Etsy – There are now a few vendors over at Etsy that accept Bitcoin as payment. Etsy is known as an online platform for selling handmade products, craft supplies and vintage items.
  • Famsa – Famsa is the biggest online retailer in Mexico that also sells all kinds of products including furniture and home décor, among others.
  • Fancy.com – Fancy.com is a luxury ecommerce site that accepts Bitcoin when you buy its items. It offers clothes, accessories and fashion items for men, women and children. Other than this, it also sells electronic gadgets and home décor.
  • Gyft – Gyft is an online retailer of gift cards. Here, you can buy gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Starbucks and many other retailers and restaurants.
  • i-Pmart – An online store in Malaysia, i-Pmart is one of the top providers of electronics and mobile phone parts and accessories.
  • Jeffersons Store – The main product of the Jeffersons Store is streetwear. It supplies brands like Adidas, Nike, Supreme and Mitchell & Ness, among others. It is based in Bergenfield, New Jersey, US.
  • Medical Support Products – This is where you can find respiratory medical equipment and supplies online.
  • MIT Coop Store – This is the online bookstore of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • MovieTickets.com – As the name implies, this company sells movie tickets in various cinemas in the country.
  • Overstock.com – Overstock.com is one of the world’s biggest online retailers. It processes Bitcoin payments through Coinbase.
  • Purse.io – At this website, you’ll get 15 percent discount on any item that you purchase at Amazon with Bitconi.
  • Shopify – Shopify is a top ecommerce platform widely used around the world. There are now many Shopify online stores that accept Bitcoin payments.
  • ShopJoy – In Australia, the biggest online retailer is ShopJoy, where you can buy novelty items and unique gifts.
  • That’s My Face – That’s My Face is an online manufacturer of distinct action figures and toys.


The internet has made it easier to book hotels and flight tickets. With Bitcoin payments, this has become even more convenient.

Check out this list of travel companies that accept online Bitcoin payments.

  • aBitSky – A travel booking website site with headquarters in Lithuania, aBitSky books airline tickets, hotel accommodations and other travel necessities. It can help you find cheap flights to the US, Spain, France, Italy, England, Ireland and so on.
  • A Class Limousine – Book your limousine service using this website which is based in Newark, New Jersey.
  • airBaltic – This is Latvia’s flag carrier. You can go to its website to book flights.
  • AirTreks – At AirTreks, you can conveniently book your flight to anywhere in the world using its search tool that’s extremely user friendly.
  • Bitcoin Travel – Bitcoin Travel is one of the world’s first travel websites that lets you pay for flight tickets, hotel accommodations, vacation tours and car rentals using Bitcoin.
  • CheapAir.com – If you are traveling on a budget, this is the website where you should go. Here, you will find cheap options on airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and package tours.
  • Expedia – One of most popular travel sites in the world, Expedia partners with countless travel agencies to give users the best rates on flights, hotels and car rentals. It works with CheapTickets, HomeAway, Hot Wire, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Trivago and Venere, among many others.
  • One Shot Hotels – This is a chain of luxury and designer hotels in Spain that now lets guests book their accommodation using Bitcoin.
  • Virgin Galactic – Virgin Galactic is the first spaceflight company to process Bitcoin payments.
  • WebJet – WebJet gives you access to a wide array of cheap options on flight tickets and hotel accommodations.

Since more and more companies are getting into the Bitcoin bandwagon, you can expect that this list will grow even longer in the coming years.