Best Cryptocurrency Investment Sites

If you plan on investing on cryptocurrency, aside from knowing basically how it works, it’s also important that you know the best crypto investment sites.

These websites will not only educate you about the basics of crypto trading and investment, some are actually platforms for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies.   

Here’s the list of the cryptocurrency investment websites that you should check out before jumping into the world of digital money.

# 1 – Coindesk

Coindesk is dubbed as the largest and most widely used new source for cryptocurrency investment.

It was launched in 2013 and has grown tremendously over the years. At present, it has more than 5 million visitors each month.

This is the best place to go if you want to keep yourself updated with the latest news happening in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and so on. It’s also where you should head over to if you want to know more about the Blockchain technology, and any latest advancement about it.

The site was founded by Shakil Khan but was later on purchased by a company called the Digital Currency Group for $600,000.

# 2 – Binance

If you’re looking for a place to trade your cryptocurrencies, you should definitely check out Binance.

This is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Started in 2005, this company allows for high frequency trading of cryptocurrency. It means that that with this exchange, you can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies on a faster rate than what other exchanges allow.

It was founded in Shanghai, China but later on moved to Japan because of the ban of cryptocurrency in China.

This cryptocurrency is now worth more than $1.3 billion. It is undeniably the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world as of the moment.

# 3 – Cointelegraph

When it comes to online publications about cryptocurrency, Cointelegraph is number one.

In some aspects, it works in a similar way as Coindesk.

For one, it also posts news and latest events about cryptocurrency.

But what makes it different is its focus on providing expert opinion for most of the posts that they publish.

They also prefer to publish in-depth and comprehensive news articles.

This site will help you stay updated about the latest in cryptocurrency investing, as well as keep you informed so you can make the right choices.

Cointelegraph was also founded in 2013. It has grown significantly, becoming a top news source about crypto sphere.

Unlike other crypto sites, this one offers content in various languages, including but not limited to Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, German, Portuguese and Serbian.

# 4 – BTC Wires

BTC Wires is another online news platform where you can find plenty information about the different cryptocurrencies as well as the Blockchain technology.

The people behind this online publication put heavy emphasis on the quality of the news articles that they publish. It is also known to cover a wide range of topics not only crypto investing but also about trading, mining, finding new cryptocurrencies and many more.

One of its most interesting sections is the C-buzz, which lets you get ahead of all the other crypto investors with its breaking news, public statements, feature announcements and many more. It’s also where you can find delightful and interesting stories about cryptocurrencies like the first cryptocurrency café that opened in Florida recently.

# 5 – is said to be the first website about Bitcoin, and probably about cryptocurrency.

It was created by the Bitcoin founder himself, who is hidden under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Here, you can read up on everything about Bitcoin.

Not just Bitcoin itself, but all the other upcoming Bitcoin versions including the Bitcoin Core.

This is also where you will find the Bitcoin whitepaper which was written on the website by Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

Just take note that this website does not own Bitcoin.

If you’re interested in buying or trading Bitcoin, don’t do so without checking out this website first. It has almost everything you need to know about Bitcoin, known as the world’s first digital money.

# 6 – Bitcointalk

Like, Bitcointalk was also created by no less than Satoshi Nakamoto.

But unlike the previous site, this one is actually an online forum where people can go to discuss any topic related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

It’s also interesting to know that this is actually where the term “hodl” originated. This is a widely used cryptocurrency term that means that an individual holds on to his cryptocurrencies for a long period. Someone posted this term in one of the threads in this online forum, and people suddenly started using it.

Another notable thing about this online forum is that this is where the first real purchase with Bitcoin took place.

A programmer back then wanted to buy pizzas with his Bitcoins and was able to do through the forum. He purchased two pizzas using his 10,000 Bitcoins. This amount of Bitcoin is now worth over $50 million.

# 7 – Coinbase

Coinbase is the cryptocurrency exchange that’s often recommended for beginners.

It’s also one of the most popular.

There’s no surprise there, as this is a highly secure and easy to use platform where you can buy, sell and trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies without any hassle or stress.

What you have to know is that this does not offer a big variety of digital money like what other bigger exchanges such as Binance offer.

But this is a good place to get started in turning your cash into Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum.

You can also store your digital money on this site, but experts don’t recommend keeping Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies in exchanges because of the possibility of hacking.

This site was created in 2012 by Brian Armstrong. It is based in San Francisco, California.

# 8 – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News is another leading Bitcoin website that has most of the information that you need about Bitcoin.

This site is owned by the same person who created the Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver.

He acquired this domain and has turned into one of the world’s most visited websites about cryptocurrencies.

The news section of this website features all the latest happenings in the crypto world. It works in a similar way as the other online publications previously mentioned.

# 9 – KuCoin

Based in Hong Kong, KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that has grown bigger and bigger over the years.

Its platform lets its users trade up to 300 trading pairs. This enables users to have that many trading options.

It is also known to have one of the most technologically advanced APIs in the cryptocurrency sphere.  

You’d also want to know that this site has its very own cryptocurrency, which is known as the KuCoin shares.

The great thing about receiving your dividends using this cryptocurrency is that you get significant discounts on trading and withdrawal or transaction fees.

# 10 – Cryptovest

Another premier source of cryptocurrency investing news is Cryptovest.

Cryptovest is known as one of the biggest media publishers on cryptocurrencies and ICO.

It offers reviews, latest news and all the things that you’d want to know about digital money and investing on it.

It has a massive knowledge center where you can find the answers to your cryptocurrency questions and concerns.

That’s not all, this site also provides expert recommendations, letting you know which coins are worth investing in, which ones you should stay away from at least for the moment and so on.

You should definitely check out this website before making any move to invest in cryptocurrency.

# 11 – Coinfloor

Coinfloor’s tagline “Buy Bitcoins with confidence” gives you peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands if you are dealing with this cryptocurrency exchange.

This platform launched way back in 2013 is based in London.

What makes it different from most of the other cryptocurrency exchanges that you’ll find online is its peer-to-peer nature.

It is actually a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects cryptocurrency buyers with sellers so that they may transact directly using a UK bank account.

This is also notably the first exchange ever to make use of highly advanced algorithms for calculating transaction fees.

People who are based in the UK can buy Bitcoin using their pounds, instead of converting them first using an online exchange, which is what other platforms usually require.

# 12 – CoinMarketCap

Most crypto investors are familiar with CoinMarketCap.

This is the site where you go to so you can view the prices of different cryptocurrencies in one place.

It has become so popular that it now has a larger number of visitors compared to the Wall Street Journal.

Aside from showing you the current prices of your choice cryptocurrency, it also shows you other pertinent information such as the available supply, market capitalization, trade volume in the last 24 hours and many more.

You’ll also be impressed to know that the numbers in this site are updated every five minutes. This means that you get the latest information.

It makes use of data from varied exchanges to come up with the average price calculation for a certain cryptocurrency. And this is why, it has one of the most accurate data when it comes to cryptocurrency values.

# 13 – Kraken

Another widely used cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken is located in the United States but also available in Japan, Canada and some countries in Europe.

When it comes to volume in euro, it is said to be the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world right now.

This site has faced numerous problems in the past including performance concerns and DDos attacks, but it is quite impressive in the fact that it has never been hacked.

It is also what provides the Bloomberg with the Bitcoin price that you’ll find in the Bloomberg terminal.

# 14 – Cryptoclarified

If you want to be enlightened about the crypto world, you should then go to Cryptoclarified.

This is another great source for news about cryptocurrency, covering almost every topic about that you can find about it.

But one thing that you have to like about this site is that it is does not have any bias as it is not affiliated with any type of cryptocurrency.

So if you want unbiased and transparent information about cryptocurrency, this is definitely where you should go.

# 15 – Changelly

Changelly is a platform that allows for easy and convenient trading between different cryptocurrencies.

But you have to know that it’s not like the standard cryptocurrency exchange. It does not work like Binance. Instead, it serves as a middle man and connects users with one another so that the process of exchanging coins will take place smoothly and without any hitch.

It makes use of algorithms in order to connect to bigger crypto exchanges such as Poloniex, Binance or Bittrex to be able to find the best prices for any given cryptocurrency.

This site was founded in 2013 by a team of Bitcoin miners. Since then, the site has grown significantly. Right now, it has over 2 million active users.

# 16 – CCN

Some people confuse CCN with CNN.

But CCN is actually Crypto Coins News. This is another go-to news resource online where you can get the latest information about the cryptocurrency world.

In 2017, it underwent a major overhaul. Now, the site directs its users to a new domain.

This change was due to the recent incident in which a group of people faked their name to mislead some of its users.

It has many interesting and captivating news articles about cryptocurrency that you would actually want to read like how one teen millionaire claims that Bitcoin will die soon if specific Bitcoin problems remain unresolved or that 90 percent of millennials prefer to invest in crypto than in gold.

# 17 – Cryptocurrency Facts

Cryptocurrency Facts is the go-to website for every cryptocurrency fact that you want to know.

It talks about everything under the crypto sun from mining to exchanges to investing and so on.

It has countless useful information that you would want to get your hands on if you want to get started with crypto investments.

This is also ideal for beginners as it presents cryptocurrency information in a way that it’s easy to understand.

It discusses the basics and history of cryptocurrency, the different types of cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrency investing, trading and transactions.

It also compares brokers and exchanges such as Bittrex, Kraken, Shapeshift and GDAX, among others.

This is also where you should go to know more about blockchain, smart contracts, digital wallets, DApps, forks, bots and order types among others. You can also find from this site expert opinions and advice from seasoned traders, miners and investors.

Moreover, it also presents information about cryptocurrency legalities including rules, regulations and taxes.

# 18 – LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is known as one of the easiest and most convenient way to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, LocalBitcoins is an online platform for Bitcoin buyers and sellers to connect with each other and process their transactions.  

When you go to its website, you can see that there’s a section here where you can search for Bitcoin placements. If you want to purchase these Bitcoins, you simply have to pay the seller using the local currency.

There are many payment options available. Some of these are bank transfer, PayPal, wire transfer and so on. The availability of payment options usually depend on the seller.

This site started in 2012. At that time, most Bitcoin users did not have access yet to big and popular exchanges so they rely on this site to get their Bitcoins.

# 19 – Coinmama

Coinmama is a cryptocurrency exchange that can be found in Israel.

But you’d be glad to know that this is accessible to any country around the world.

In fact, if you have a Coinmama credit card, you can buy Bitcoin in so many places.

The only drawback is the high transaction fees, which is common when using credit card to purchase cryptocurrency.

At Coinmama, payment options include credit cards (VISA and Mastercard) and debit cards.

# 20 – Trading View

Trading View is not actually a website but an online tool that most crypto investors will find useful.

The purpose of this tool is to analyze the market and provide reports about it to help an investor make the right investment choices and decisions.

It provides a number of charts and graphical data so that it’ll be easier for you to analyze the different aspects of the market.

This tool is available for free. But it also has paid subscriptions that cost from $15 to $60 if you want to take advantage of its advanced features.

These websites are essential to check out if you want to start investing on any cryptocurrency.

It’s important that you first get a good grasp of how the whole process works so that you can make informed decision each time you need to make one.